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Expert Design, Fabrication & Installation Of ALL Kinds Of Dimensional & Digital Signage.

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Signmasters has the capabilities to utilize virtually any format of artwork. Including camera ready art, film or any computer file format or program version that you, your ad agency or designer may have. Should you need artwork, Signmasters can do anything in that department also. We have several thousand true type & adobe type 1 fonts and hundreds of logos, and we can reproduce any logo as well. We can also work with any letterhead or business card you have.


The preferred types of your supplied art to us include, but are not limited to the following:
Black and white art.
Black and white camera art.
Color Photos for large format digital scanning.

Adobe Illustrator  - used for vector outline artwork - VERSION 9 or less works best for us.
Adobe Photoshop  - used for large format 6 color printing - thermal and inkjet.
Adobe Streamline - used to vectorize scanned camera artwork.
Adobe Dimension - used to illustrate dimensional scale layouts.
Corel Draw  - used for layouts and scaling .
MS Word - used to prepare your supplied text files for large format printing.
Scan Vec - used to vectorize scanned camera and layout art
Quark Express - used to prepare digital print media and text.

Format extensions that are helpful that you may recognize are .ai, .ai eps, .cdr, .psd, .qxd, .pcd, .scv.

If you need further assistance, please call us.


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