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Our Logo Signs In Manhattan Are Water Jet, Laser, Router Cut / Cast In Metals, Fabricated & Digital Printed.
Acrylic, Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Gold, Metal Lam, Muntz, Nickel, Pewter, Silver & Stainless Steel.

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SIGNMASTERS, INC. The corporate identity sign experts in Manhattan New York City. We are versatile for all kinds of logo reproduction signage. We install & ship nationwide as well. You will find our superb quality letters, logos, graphics and signs enhancing business image, identifying corporations, & communicating messages all over the entire USA.

SIGNMASTERS has installed high quality signs, letters, logos & graphics in Manhattan New York City for 35 years! You will find our quality signs letters & logos from uptown to downtown and all around town in Manhattan New York City.

Fabricating & Installing
Interior & Exterior Custom Corporate ID Signs, Letters, Logos & Graphics For Architects, Interior Designers, Sky Scrapers, Banks, Hotels, Hospitals, Contractors,  Stores, Schools, Campuses, Universities, Churches, Synagogues, Stages, Shows, Theaters, Offices, Office Buildings, Industrial Parks, Medical Offices & Trade Shows in Manhattan NY Since 1976!

SIGNMASTERS Is Quality Corporate Signage.
Time and Experience qualifies us as experts in all kinds of precision corporate signs including cut, cast,
and fabricated precision signs, metal letters, logos, numbers & graphics as well as etched, engraved, digital printed & silk screened signage.

Experience, knowledge, expertise and really good old fashion craftsmanship combined with the latest cnc technology enables us to create the finest high tech corporate logo reproduction signage in color digital print, silk screen, 3D dimensional metal & acrylic letters & logos, embossed, etched, cast & engraved signs in the industry.

We cut out, fabricate and polish finish all metals including stainless steel, brass, bronze, muntz metal, aluminum, copper, gold, silver, nickel, pewter and metal laminates into the form of logo signs.

Our superb craftsmanship comes form the days when real artisans crafted signs. We come from those days known as the conventional days. Back when contour band saw cutting blue prints of artists draftsman line drawings from the rotolite developer machine put up on various materials and cut out by hand was the methods used to craft precision signs, letters, logos to perfection and silk screen printing was the popular method to print color signs.

We now combine those artisan skills and know how with the latest technology, including CNC water jet cutting for all metals, laser cutting & CNC routing to cut out metal letters, logos & graphics. Six color digital printing for color signs and logo reproduction. Superb Laser and photopolymer ADA, Braille, Tactile & Brailletac Corporate Business Signs.

SIGNMASTERS fabricates & installs the best  signs in Manhattan, New York City, NY - Period!

Equally as important to perfect cutting and quality fabrication is the finish. We are experts in all types of metal finishing. Mirror polishing, satin brushed, hand rubbed, gun metal, swirl, non directional grain, baked enamels, duranodic, antiqued, anodized, oxidized, patina, chrome and nickel plated, titanium gold, sand blast, powder coating & pantone color match painting.

For Manhattan corporate facilities requiring good old fashion high tech signs, we welcome the opportunity to provide the quality you expect and beyond as we have done for thousands of very happy NYC corporate business clients since 1976.

We know all about all kinds of Corporate Signs. Water jet & laser cut out metal lettering, fabricated metal letters, signs, logos & graphics. LED lighted / illuminated and non illuminated signage & lettering. Digital print & silk screen signs, engraved & etched signs. All kinds of lettering methods. Every kind of architectural metal & acrylic finishes.

Our Value Engineering Will Help Allow You To Realize Your Design Ideas & Stay Within Budget.

One Sign or a complete complex signage program,
Your design ideas or ours, We can do anything!

SIGNMASTERS  The Best Signs In Manhattan!
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Quality Corporate Business Identification Signage.

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Digital Color Print | Silk Screen | Embossed

Stainless Steel | Aluminum | Brass | Bronze | Muntz
Gold | Silver | Nickel | Pewter | Copper | Metal lam
Glass | Marble | Stone | Granite | Porcelain
| Acrylic
Mirror Polished | Satin Brushed | Pantone Color Match
| Oxidized | Patina | Gunmetal | Titanium

Sign, Letter & Logo Alloys & Finishes Information:
Aluminum Signs / Letters / Logos are made from 6061 aircraft quality metal and yields superb chrome like mirror polishing. 5052 H32 is used for satin brushed and paint finishes. Aluminum is used when anodize finish is required. Anodized finish letters are available in polished & satin clear, polished & satin gold, polished & satin black, dark, medium & light duranodic brown. Aluminum is also used for baked enamel, powder coated, and pantone color match painted metal letters.

Brass Signs / Letters / Logos
are made from non lead metal C46400 60% copper, 39.25% zinc, .75% tin, 0% lead. We also offer yellow navel brass if needed. Both yield quality mirror polish & satin brush, oxidizing and patina finishes. Brass is used for quality nickel plating, chrome plate and gold plated lettering.

Muntz Signs / Letters / Logos
are made from non leaded metal C280 61% copper, 39% zinc 0% lead. Muntz metal has the same characteristics as brass for mirror polish, satin brush & oxidize & patina finishing. Muntz also chrome plates well.

Bronze Signs / Letters / Logos
are made from non lead C22000 90% copper, 10% zinc, 0% lead. Quality bronze that mirror polishes up beautifully & satin finishes well. This metal is ideal for oil rubbed, antique, green patina & oxidize finishes.

Copper Signs / Letters / Logos
are made from C11000 pure solid copper metal, and takes mirror polishing & satin brushed finishing, oil rubbed, antique, blackened & oxidize finishes with outstanding quality results.

Stainless Steel Signs / Letters / Logos
are made from 304 alloy as standard which has good corrosion resistance and we also make metal letters with 316 alloy marine grade stainless that is practically tarnish and corrosion proof. 316 alloy marine steel is for all applications and especially used on yachts, boats and by salt water. Both mirror polish excellent and chrome well, both satin brush #4 finish  and other grain finishes well and both take titanium gold impregnation excellent for a polished gold and satin brush gold that last in exterior applications. 304 is best for black gun metal finish. 316 alloy stainless steel / titanium gold is best for harsher environments. 304 & 316 alloy stainless steel nickel chrome plate and real gold plate superb.

Gold | Silver | Nickel | Pewter | Corporate Metal Signs / Letters / Logos
are made from pure solid metals and we can do just about any finish you can imagine. We can craft any metal into any letter, just ask, we can do it.

Metal Faced Signs / Letters / Logos
are made from exactly that, thin gauge metal face laminated to a substrate material which creates dimension. We use the best material, Chemmetal, for the faces of our Metallam letters. Chem Metal offers dozens of rich looking metal finishes. Chem Metal Laminated to various substrate depths / thicknesses combined with smooth laser polished edges, painted finish edges in contrasting colors, a matched color or metal simulated colors, metalam letters & logos are an attractive and a less expensive solution to achieve high quality 3D / dimensional simulated solid metal looking lettering and logos. We can also make metallam lettering with any mica / metal mica face.

Acrylic Signs / Letters / Logos
are cut out from extruded acrylic in 32 standard colors. Our acrylic cut with 1000 watts of power yields superb smooth polished edges for standard colors. Acrylic letters are durable and precise and can be painted to match any pms pantone color. Ideal for interior or exterior signage.

Plastic Signs / Letters / Logos
are precision formed by injection mold process using cellulose acetate butyrate BTE plastic. Highly impact resistant and yet economical, plastic letters are an excellent for building lettering. Used mostly for exterior applications, plastic letters can be made in any font or logo. Available in 31 standard colors and can be paint finished to match any pantone color.

Signs / Letters / Logos Finishes Summary
: Mirror polish, satin brush, hand rubbed, gun metal, swirl, non directional grained, duranodic, antique, oxidize, color anodize, turquoise verde patina, turquoise patina, nouveau patina, nickel and chrome plated, titanium gold, sand blast, glass bead, etched, powder coating, baked enamel, pantone PMS color match painting, polyurethane, Nickolas clear silver lacquer, metal flake, metallic spray paint, air brush, custom textured & all Chemetal real metal & metal mica laminate finishes.

Six Color Digital Print Signs & Graphics
: 6 color, high resolution digital printing on all materials. Vinyl, glass, acrylic, plastic & metal. Flat bed printing directly onto various materials and thicknesses. Roll printing on all materials, vinyl, perforated, static cling, sub laminate. 3D, 3 dimensional printing, large format, thermal printing, ink jet color fast / uv ink process printing.

SIGNMASTERS is innovative, if there is another material or finish you want to incorporate into your sign / lettering project, let us know, we can do it.

Architects & Designers Choice For Signs In NY!

Architectural Signs USA

Installed in the NYC Since 1976.

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